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linux - How to fix non-responsive Ubuntu system?

If you want a way to reboot, without saving open documents, but without hitting the reset button, then there are ways that are less likely to cause data loss. First, try Ctrl+Alt+F1. That should bring you to a virtual console, as ixtmixilix ( said. Once you're in a virtual console, Ctrl+Alt+Delete will shut down and reboot the machine. If that technique doesn't work, there's always Alt + SysRq + R E I S U B (

As for fixing the problem without rebooting, without more information about what is going on, it would be difficult to give a good answer. If you could describe the circumstances under which this occurs (the best way to do that is to edit your question to add the information), then that may help people to give good answers. The other thing to consider is that, if your computer is becoming unresponsive (especially if it takes more than a a few seconds for Ctrl+Alt+F1 to bring up a virtual console), you almost certainly have a bug, and by reporting it ( you can both help the community and maybe get an answer.

##GUI Glitches Causing Unresponsive Window Manager / X11




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